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Our Core Team

People behind the Deliciousness

Dekitchen as a team will provide a food experience that will make your workplace more attractive for present and future employees and help your company to be better positioned in the war for talent. Our dedicated staff team is here to navigate and help you to meets your needs, tastes and budgetary guidelines. Our staff is a core group of individuals driven by perfection. chefs all work together to your exacting standards.

It is about managing delivery of work and establishing expectations, assessment, feedback and continuous improvement towards accomplishment of business objectives and organizational success.
Employee Engagement
We aim to ensure that all of our people share the same consistent vision, values and guiding principles by encouraging open communication and develop employee relationships.
Reward And Recognition
We know that our people are the best, so we aim to retain our employees by having the right rewards, benefits and work environment. It is an important aspect for employee engagement as it helps in building employee aspiration for achieving organization objectives. It also boosts employee morale and the feeling of team spirit.
We want our people to continue to grow personally and professionally through improving diversity of skills, knowledge and abilities to deliver fantastic service and great results.
This helps in interlinking  and interconnecting various types of activities for smooth running of the organisation and achieving objectives.


Our resources are adequately instructed and trained on the health and safety aspects and the team is make sure all necessary process are assessed, controlled, monitored and updated time to time. Our HSE Manager on site will conduct an audits and training on periodic intervals depending on site requirements.  


This function involves train the resources as per the site requirements and develop their skills so that the desired results are obtained in accordance with the goals and objectives. It helps for making decisions quickly on an on-going basis and delegating the workloads to appropriately qualified individuals at various levels within the organisation and at site level to speed up the process.


We are committed to the highest standard of corporate governance and we ensure that all statutory compliances are up to date.


Our team shall carry out preparatory site audit and to enable it to provide all necessary arrangements are taken place before go live and SLA are met.


Keeping the different authorities of a department, our MIS team is informed about the various tasks through reports which helps to ensure smooth functioning. our people are planned and undertaken keeping in mind the budget availability. This also includes cost control, which is very essential for financial operations.


We follow a strict code of Business Ethics when dealing with suppliers and we audit all our service partners before we commence business relationship with them. We purchase direct from Manufacturers and Wholesalers to maintain a seamless supply chain and ensure high level of traceability.