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Corporate Catering

Today, corporate catering has evolved as a specialized branch of catering services across India. There is no doubt that good food enriches the value of any corporate event. Owing to this, DeKitchen took the plunge to add value and enrich the standard of corporate catering services.

  • Office meals
  • Business lunches
  • Meetings
  • Executive Dining
  • Team Outings
  • Conference & Town hall
  • Board meetings

Industrial Catering

The food service needs of large companies, factory, offices, and other groups within the business sector are many and varied. Dekitchen providing meals for employees for daily food, special events, training sessions, strategic planning meetings, and other gatherings.

  • Office meals
  • Meetings
  • Board meetings
  • Foundation day
  • Labour day

Outdoor Catering

We can easily transform any outdoor event into what you’ve envisioned it to be. From intimate family celebrations to large-scale company promotion events, Dekitchen outdoor catering service ensures that your guests are impressed with the arrangements, as well as their food.

  • School / College fests
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Conference
  • Large gathering

Social Events

Dekitchen is the perfect space for weddings, anniversaries, conferences, celebrations, holidays, birthday parties and other special occasions. We providing an opportunity for all types of events to enjoy the luxurious and delicious food.

  • Wedding and anniversaries
  • Family gathering
  • Birthday parties